The Importance of Journaling

Posted 10/30/2019

Welcome to the First Good Vibes Wednesday!

Last week I shared on FaceBook Live Friday that I was going to start a new segment that looks at evidence-based ways to get Good Energy In. Today is our first post on this topic. 

If you're already following along on the FaceBook Live posts (and subsequent EHC YouTube Channel updates), you'll know that I am working on an experiment to lose weight using the The Healing Equation: Energy to Heal (Lose Weight) = Good Energy In - Stressors. While in the Live posts I have looked at hidden Stressors, here I would like to look at the other side of the equation...Good Energy In.

In The Healing Equation Template, there is a section for Good Energy In. With patients, I have been talking about writing things in there like your exercise, snuggles with kids/partner, coffee with friends, getting flowers to put on your dining room table, following your protocol, stepping outside to take a breath of fresh autumn air, etc. These are all great sources of Good Energy In (and they're free, except for the coffee and flowers if you buy them). 

Here's the kicker -- Did you know that the act of keeping track of your Good Energy In is actually another source of Good Energy In?

Writing down your Good Energy In is actually a short hand way of doing a Gratitude Journal. The mere act of recalling those Good Energy In events returns your mind and nervous system back to the state your were in when you had the experiences. This improves your emotional well-being (Look in the comments section for the article link).

If you're looking to change something about your health in a new way, check out The Healing Template and keep up to date on Good Vibe Wednesdays and FaceBook Live Fridays. Join me on this cool journey!