The Healing Equation

Posted 1/29/2019

Welcome to Endeavor Health and Chiropractic (EHC), where you can find what is right for you. I’m Dr. Julie Potter and in this blog, I will introduce to you what I do in the office. I help people searching for energy find their personal protocols to health. We all have a neighbor who went on Cleanse X, or tried Supplement Y and gained energy, lost weight, improved their memory, etc. Unfortunately for some, there was no change, or they felt worse than before they started. Using a unique combination of gentle chiropractic, Morphogenic Field Technique, and nutritional healing, I try to help patients improve their cellular health.

I utilized a very simple equation in my office: Energy to Heal = Good Energy In - Stressors. What is good energy for you? Dr. Bob Rakowski came up with a great list called the Magnificent Seven: Eat right, drink right, poop right, sleep right, move right, think right, and speak right. These are seven things that we should do for good health. But not all of them are clear cut. Remember the neighbor? At EHC, patients that opt for gentle chiropractic get good energy in for muscular, skeletal and nervous system health which directly and indirectly impacts movement, digestion, and sleep. Morphogenic Field Technique and nutritional healing help patients identify foods, herbs and spices, and supplements tuned to their body to provide good energy in for sleep, digestion, movement, and brain fog.

Stressors are best described by a longtime patient of mine who saw how this equation impacted his health. He was building a house, owned a couple of businesses, had a growing family and several foods that irritated his digestive system. He could see how stressors worked in multiple time frames (one day, one week, one month, six months, etc.) and from multiple sources (dietary, work, family, physical, emotional). At any one time in a month, he could see how house building stress, seasonal work stress, physical stress, family stress, and food choices impacted his health. As the stressors in a day increased, his health would decrease and vice versa. 

Energy to heal is what we want. The more energy you have leftover at the end of the day, the better you will feel the next. We can take that positive energy leftover and use it to repair the scars of stressors that have accumulated during life. However, if we are deficient in energy at day’s end, then stressors can build up and move throughout the body. Think about how a cold can transition into walking pneumonia – you don’t rest properly and do too much while you are sick then your upper respiratory infection moves into your lungs. 

In the year to come, I will blog about variables that can impact each part of this equation. Stay tuned to see if there is something that can help you. On the EHC Facebook and Twitter pages, I will post different tidbits that are working in the office to get good energy in. I post them as things you can try but remember much like the neighbor not all of them may work for you.  

 If you are local and interested in finding what is right for you, please check out the scheduling page located on the EHC website. If you are not local, pay attention to the EHC Facebook page for announcements about a Balancing Energy group starting in the next three months.