Low Tones for Good Energy In

Posted 2/19/2020

Welcome to Good Vibes Wednesday!

Low musical tones for Good VibesLow musical tones for Good Vibes

Certain notes can be healing to the body. They can reverse Stressors. They can improve posture. They can calm the mind. They can improve your golf swing. 


When I was a Chiropractic Intern, I had the wonderful experience of working with an intuitive chiropractor who would put healing ideas together that people only briefly thought about. 


For example, he understood the importance of low tone frequencies on how the body processed neurological information. However, he also wanted to make it easily accessible to people who couldn’t sit around and listen to meditation bowls. 

He contacted a musician friend of his who generated a melody over the top of these lower frequency tones and started to use them therapeutically in his office. 


My favorite case was an older man who was the care provider for his ailing wife. When he started care, he was stooped and in a lot of pain. After listening to The Tones, as we called them, he came in standing tall in his six foot plus frame and having more energy and patience to care for himself as well as his wife. 


Being a former athlete, the chiropractor was always looking for ways to improve athletic prowess. He used The

Tones with runners, golfers, hockey players, and weekend warriors. They all found improvement in their endeavors with the low tone frequencies. 


While I lost track of where this chiropractor’s musical therapy has gone, I have come to see it as just another way to strengthen the body as a whole. Another way to put Good Energy In to the body to increase its Energy to Heal

Since I have started using The Healing Equation, I have sent patients home with Healing Protocols including listening to cello or Tibetan Singing bowls playing a single note for 10 minutes. 


You can try this at home. You can find various videos of Tibetan bowls or cello droning on a single note. You can try a few low notes and see which one feels best in your body. You could listen to that for a few minutes each day and easily increase your Energy to Heal and MAYBE improve your golf swing.


If you're looking for other ways to increase your Good Energy In check out my 5-4-3-To Gut Healing video and email series. Click the link to get your free copy and stay up-to-date with my monthly newsletter. 


Until next week - Take Care,


Dr. Julie