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Posted 1/16/2020

Good Energy In: HoMedics Massage Tool & Foam BallGood Energy In: HoMedics Massage Tool & Foam BallThese two - total cost under $10 - reside on my night table. I keep them handy when I have a muscle twinge or pain during the day.


Today, they are being put to work along my shins. Over the weekend, I doubled my usual walking distance which meant more rolling uphills and downhills. 


If you have any experience with downhill walking or running, you know that shin splints are always a possibility until your calves and shins balance themselves out. 


My $5 Target massage tool is providing Good Vibes up and down my shins. The foam ball - acquire from some child - is squished into tender points along my calves. 


If you’ve been in my office, you know the cardinal rule of self-massage is “If it hurts, rub it.” Pain is an indicator of inflammation and holding or rubbing a point that hurts can dissipate that inflammation and in some cases reset a tightened muscle. In terms of The Healing Equation Template, self-massage is a win-win. You win by working through your body developing awareness and by reducing the inflammation at that point. 


I don’t necessarily need these tools. I spend much of my time in the office working on patients’ trigger points and muscle spasms. These two cheap tools just provide reprieve for my hands.


While the vibration from my massage tool is pretty easy going, not all vibration is good. 


This is the time of year that vibration becomes a bit of a hazard. Snow blowers, leaf blowers (if the snow is light), or long term pounding of icy driveways - all have a pretty strong vibration associated with them. I’m sure that most of you has either personally dealt with the vibration or had family members complain because of the vibration.


Certain tool operate at frequencies that don’t match the human body very well. For example, prolonged use of a sander above your shoulders can actual vibrate your upper back out of alignment. 


Historically, long-term operation of high vibration machinery has lead to carpal tunnel symptoms. My father needed surgery because he spent many years operating chainsaws that didn’t have proper vibration guard on them. 


When you are using small machines that have vibration, it is best to use it over a number of days or weeks to make sure that you don’t vibrate something out of alignment or cause permanent inflammation of a nerve.


If you are looking to add Good Vibes in a way that helps you move toward your health goals, check out the 5-4-3-To Gut Healing on the Home Page.  


Until Next Week - Take Care,


Dr. Julie