Solar Flares & Your Body's Response

Posted 12/1/2019

Welcome to Good Vibes Wednesdays!


Did you wake up early in October 26th? Did you feel anxious about nothing or everything at the same time? Did you find your heart rate, blood pressure or hot flashes were coming fast and furious? 

Or were you inspired? Insightful? Acutely aware and creative?


If you experienced any of these, you weren’t alone. 


On Monday, October 21 our Sun flashed us her Northern Hemisphere Coronal hole and let off a whole bunch of solar wind. Who knew the Sun was so rude? 


What does a solar flare on Monday have to do with how you felt the following Thursday morning through Sunday?


Well, it takes approximately three days for solar winds to reach Earth. With a solar flare, those winds are more intense and change the Earth’s geomagnetic field. Since the Earth’s geomagnetic field passes through us all the time, it should not be surprising that we can sense these changes. 


When those winds hit the planet, our bodies show alterations in our cardiovascular and nervous systems, and psychological, physiological, and cultural responses. Studies have shown increased acute heart events during and just after solar flares. Physiologically, our heart rate decreases its variability meaning that our heart rates stay high rather than change based on our activity level. Our blood thickens and actually slows down which requires our blood pressure to increase. 


Solar flares also affect the firing of our nervous system speeding our responses and triggering psychological changes like agitation and anxiety and physiological changes like altered waking times and head pressure. 


Together these two systems account for many of the increased admission to hospitals just before and five days after solar events. 


Essentially, solar flares put our bodies into fight or flight state. This shows up culturally and socially. Car accidents increase during solar flares. Social unrest has been correlated with times of increased solar activity. 


Well, those are the downsides of solar flares. Studies have shown that these effects are more significant for those experiencing illness or distress. However, for those healthy enough to bear these changes, solar flares can be a time of insight, creativity, and increased awareness. After all, the geomagnetic field is Energy. Depending on how strong your cells are, you could use it as Good Energy In.  


So, while we know that a solar flare make brilliant Northern lights, there are significant downsides and possible upsides of their arrival. 


In my office, I suggest that sensitive patients follow any number of solar weather tracking sites. My favorite is in the comments below. I also encourage people to tap around their ears for 30s multiple times a day to help relieve the head pressure symptoms.


If do have a chronic condition, please increase your Good Energy In, actively reduce your Stressors and any activity that would increase your heart rate or blood pressure, and pay attention to your physical symptoms during and after the solar flare. 


Until Next Week - Take Care,


Dr. Julie