Sing, Sing a Song!

Posted 11/7/2019

Welcome to Good Vibes Wednesday.

It's time for Good Energy In!

Last week I let you in on the secret that writing down your Good Energy In in your Healing Template was also another source of Good Energy In. How's that for an activity that costs you nothing and improves your health a little bit every day?

Today, I want to look at a Good Vibe that is terribly important for the weather that we're having in the Midwest right now: Wet and Damp.

For those of us in the area, you'll notice that the North facing sidewalks are starting to turn green. Some places in the Iowa Corridor had 10 more inches of rain than normal in the last month.

You can imagine that in addition to all the moss, there is a lot of fungus that is thriving in the area. It is getting into homes, workspaces, and into people's lungs. 

Many people are coming into the office with chronic coughs that are not going away within the typically 2-4 weeks. In the EHC October Newsletter, I discuss foods that you could use to help increase the Good Energy In your lungs. 

Today, I'd like to talk about something even easier to do: SINGING. 

Singing, regardless of how well you do it, increases your breathing capacity, improves your cardiovascular function, and increases your neurotransmitters and hormones like oxytocin (cooperative), IgA (immune system), and endorphins (feel good). (Check out the reference). 

You can double your Good Energy In by singing in a group which provides social support, community, and bumps up your neurotransmitter and hormone production.

All together, this increases your Good Energy In and your ability to fight off immune challenges by improving your Energy to Heal. 

If you'd like to improve your Energy to Heal (or Lose Weight, Sleep Better, Exercise Stronger, etc) without feeling restricted or tied down even if that's the way everyone else does it, then download The Healing Equation Template located in the green bar of this website.

Look for more information in my weekly Facebook Live segments, and watch for an upcoming "How To" video on how to use the template to its fullest. 

Until Friday - Take Care,

Dr. Julie