Good Vibes: When Good Vibes Is About Conserving What You've Got

Posted 4/15/2020

Good Vibes Wednesday: Conserving Your Energy to Heal is Good VibesGood Vibes Wednesday: Conserving Your Energy to Heal is Good VibesWelcome to Good Vibes Wednesday!


I’m reaching for Good Vibes today.


I’m conserving my movements and interactions so that I replenish my Energy to Heal


Yesterday, I was knocked out due to an intense headache that took down my brain and my digestive system.


Today has been about recovery. 


About getting Good Vibes wherever I can find them. 


Today, that meant a little extra sleep, a little extra quiet time, and wearing snuggly clothes.


Today, I went for a walk and stayed in my workout gear, snuggly hat, and scarf all day. 


I could have changed.


I could have given the day better clothes as I was out running a few errands. 


BUT my snuggly walking tights, hat, and scarf kept me warm and gave me the sense of one big hug. 


I also tried to reduce the amount of energy that I used today. 


I did run a few errands, but only the ones that I absolutely needed to. 


Today, I knew I needed to recover the energy I lost trying to support my body yesterday. 


Today, I knew that I really needed to take energy rather than give it. 


Today, I knew it was okay to be selfish because... doesn’t happen very often. 

...I know that the Midwestern girl in me won’t let this happen for long. 

...if I don’t take this time today I’ll pay for it later.

...I can be a better me if I take for just a day. 


Sometimes Good Vibes are about knowing when to hold onto them to increase your Energy to Heal.


Until Next Week - Sending You Good Energy In,


Dr. Julie