Good Vibes Wednesday: How Temperature Change is Good Energy In!

Posted 3/25/2020

Welcome to Good Vibes Wednesday!Good Vibes Wednesday: How Temperature Change is Good Energy InGood Vibes Wednesday: How Temperature Change is Good Energy In


Today, I want to talk about temperature change.


It is a REAL change in vibration!


Those air or water molecules moving faster (warmer) or slower (colder). 


Interestingly, how the body uses temperature depends a lot on how it is applied. 


From my days in undergrad psych, I know that putting your hand in ice water is a Stressor.


Did you know that ice water can also be Good Energy In?


It has everything to do with the Heart Rate and Blood Pressure. 


The Biomedical Sciences and Physiology Department at University of Wolverhampton found that drinking a liquid closer to freezing (or taking peppermint oil (menthol) orally) actually calms the heart and the blood pressure. 


This doesn’t surprise me.


Any mother of a tantrum throwing toddler knows that tossing them outside in the winter has a calming effect on their mood. 


However, we also know that heat is Good Energy In and helps to calm to Stressors


Who doesn’t love snuggling in a blanket at the end of a stressful day?


Endurance athletes and trauma sufferers are wrapped in foil blankets to improve their thermal regulation. 


Just the act of putting a blanket on provides Good Energy In.



A study out of Japan, shows that when nurses blanket patients during a procedure that they are much calmer emotionally.


Likewise, increasing the temperature of the body increases your Good Energy In by increasing the dopamine in the brain. 


A review paper out of Brussels, shows that increasing the temperature of a room causes the body to release dopamine decreasing fatigue during physical activity. 


This is consistent with the trend in hot yoga, hot ballet, or other hot exercise classes designed to improve your fitness by getting past your body and emotional sense of fatigue. 


Next time you're working through Stressors consider a change in temperature. Depending on what you pick, you can calm your heart, your head, or your mind.


If you are interested in using The Healing Equation to increase your Energy to Heal, check out this video introduction


Sending you Good Energy In,


Dr. Julie