Holding Space for Someone Else Is Good Energy In

Posted 3/18/2020

Good Vibes Wednesday: Holding Space for Others Is Good Energy In for You!Good Vibes Wednesday: Holding Space for Others Is Good Energy In for You!

Welcome to Good Vibes Wednesday!


We are in the midst of a species-wide Stressor right now. How are you getting Good Energy In?


Did you know that holding space for someone else is just as beneficial for you as it is for the person you’re holding space for?


Let me rephrase that: Did you know that if you think about/pray for/set an intention for someone else, you benefit just as much as they do?


We already know that groups of individuals praying or thinking about someone - even if they have never met the person - can raise that person’s frequency. Early studies on prayer groups show that even when the person in question doesn’t know that a group is praying for them, they have improved health or quality of life while they are sick. 


Last year, I listened to an interesting FaceBook live event between Lynne McTaggart and Bruce Lipton; two great minds in the connection between thought and wellness.


Lynne McTaggart has a project called The Power of Eight where she has researched the changes in the brains of people who have held intention for others in a group. The experience of that activity results in altered brain patterns that are consistent with monks or nuns who meditate or pray for hours daily. This occurs even when the group has only been practicing together for a short time. 


The effects of thinking of, holding space, praying for, or setting an intention for another individual takes your mind out of its problems and conversations and puts it toward helping someone else. This act, especially when in a group, raises your mental frequency.


Here’s how you can use this to increase your own Good Vibes:


You can create a small group on Facebook (at your home or work) of close friends where you gather to spend even 30 seconds thinking about someone in the group. 


Just 30 seconds of thinking of someone else and holding space for them throughout the day is a way to improve their day and get you out of your own head. 


Do you have a group that you can do this with? Do you have a few seconds to help someone else?


This is a great source of Good Energy In and a great way to increase your Good Vibes.


If you are interested in using The Healing Equation to increase your Energy to Heal, check out this video introduction


Until Next Week - Take Care,


Dr. Julie