Good Vibes Wednesday: How To Increase The Good Energy In From Your Food

Posted 4/8/2020

Welcome to Good Vibes Wednesday!Good Vibes Wednesday: The Healing Spice RackGood Vibes Wednesday: The Healing Spice Rack


Today we’re talking about the healing power of herbs and spices.


Right now in the middle of a global pandemic we are all looking for extra places to get some additional Good Energy In.


What if you could just add something to your box of Mac N' Cheese?


About a year ago, I created a cookbook of different herb and spice mixes from around the world. 


It was a labor of love.


I love how plants have been and continue to be used to help healing. 


Before I went to Chiropractic school, I read an article about a homeless mother who didn’t have the money to buy antibiotics for her child, so she went to the library and learned what plants could help her. I believed that she started a garden in Minneapolis to provide healing plants to the homeless. 


While I am unable to find the article anymore, I have always been inspired by the idea that food can heal.  


Every culture has herb and spice mixes that they frequently use in their foods to provide flavor, preserve foods, and create their signature dishes. 


Every plant in those mixes has been selected for its flavor, but it also has a unique Energy to Heal that can be used to increase Good Energy In or reduce Stressors


For example, in the Northern Hemisphere mustard seeds were mixed with other plants and spices to create the medicinal action of antibiotics and antifungals. While around the Equator and in the Southern Hemisphere, hot peppers were used in much the same way. 


In The Healing SpiceRack, I found recipes that each culture uses frequently. I also included research on the healing properties of spices or herbs in each of the mixes. 


So if you're looking for way to give your foods a boost during this time of increased Stressors, check out The Healing Spice Rack. 


If you haven’t gotten a copy of The Healing SpiceRack, please click this link and receive your free copy by signing up for my newsletter. 


Sending You Good Energy In,


Dr. Julie