Using Light to Increase Your Good Energy In

Posted 11/13/2019

Welcome to Good Vibes Wednesday!


It's time for Good Energy In!


Do you have a room in your house that you just don't like to visit? Do you stash things away there to be 'organized' in the future?


Do you have more than one room in your house that feels this way? Do you avoid it at your own peril, especially if it's a male child's room?


What's going on there? Does it contain some sort of bad juju? Do you need to put duck tape around the door and seal it off from the rest of the world?


I recently had a patient that was having a hard time getting through her household organizing. In fact, she confessed that she was looking for excuses to go outside and play with her kids instead.


After a few well directed questions, I found out that she really only enjoyed being in two rooms of her house. That makes it pretty difficult for a family to function. 


I can relate. Our house is a Northeast facing walkout. I can’t grow plants very well. And I definitely don’t like hanging out in basement even though it has an entire wall of regular-sized windows and a patio door. 


Essentially, my patient was feeling the tug of seasonal affective disorder. Since the Autumnal Equinox, the shorter hours of sunlight were making the rooms of house darker and less inviting. Being outside was her last chance to produce the necessary Vitamin D going into the winter. 


Here’s where Good Vibes come into play. 

There are three ways that you can make those rooms in your house more appealing. 

Quick and Cheap: Walmart sells full spectrum light bulbs ranging from $4-20. For $16, she could move four full spectrum light bulbs into each room as she went through it to clean and organize. 

Intermediate and a Cool Concept: When my youngest was at the ‘hippy daycare’, the owner would turn on a full spectrum grow light box (NON-LED) during the winter months. It was located in the darkest room of the center and would help with the kids' immune systems and mood making the place even cooler than it already was. These days grow lights are all LED in blues and reds, but you can get a cheap full spectrum light box for approximately $35. You should make sure that your light box does not produce any UV light.

Expensive and brief treatments that last the whole day: The last options are red light therapy or infrared or near-infrared saunas. When your SAD starts to take over the whole house, it might be time to use something with a little more oomph. These provide treatments that you could do three times a week or more that would help sustain your energy and emotional function during the winter months. It is possible to get a single near infrared light bulb for about $30, but a full sauna usually runs around $1000. Likewise, red light therapy can come in a travel form for $300 or in a full therapy form for $6000.


If you’re looking for a little bit of Good Energy In to help with your Energy to Heal during the winter months or just to clean up a back bedroom, check out these options and see which one works best for you. 


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