Art and Creation for Good Energy In!

Posted 11/21/2019

Welcome to Good Vibes Wednesday!


In Spain, there is a hand stencil that is 37,000 years old. It’s a statement of being, a graffiti signature. It’s is no different from the hand and footprint cards that we’ve done or received from our children or child relatives over the years. 


The fact that something so simple as a handprint marks a point in the humans’ Cognitive Revolution should be no surprise if you think of The Healing Equation: Energy to Heal = Good Energy In - Stressors. 


The act of creation stirs the mind. It takes normal patterns of everyday life and puts them on their head. How else would three pieces of LEGO become a horse carrying the creator away to a desert (or dessert) island?


As children, creation was easy. We did it to fill the space between our first task and our next. It didn’t have to make sense. It didn’t have to be pretty. It didn’t have to have a goal. Children know this instinctively. 


It challenges world views, of how things go together, of how the world works. 




As adults many of us lose our ability to create. We hear thoughts in our head like:


“You can’t make money at that”


“That’s just a waste of your time and talents”


“Find something useful to do”




The Cognitive Revolution was started with a handprint on a cave wall. 


That can’t be an accident. 


Art or creation must be part of Good Energy In. In attempting to construct a world inconsistent with the one that we see, we stretch and evolve our brains. 


Art or creation are exercises for your cognitive muscles, ways to increase your own Good Vibrations. Try creating something, whether it’s a new variant on an old recipe (one of my favorites), coloring in a coloring book, taking an art or music class - this will increase your Good Energy In and help increase your Energy to Heal.


Viewing or admiring art is also a wonderful way to increase your Good Energy In. Visiting art museums and local galleries are provocative ways to turn our own thinking on its head. Even if it’s to say, “Why is THAT here?” 


While creating or having Masters-level paintings on our walls is not easy, try hanging something from local artists - even as local as your own house. That little bit of Good Energy In is a reminder of our innate desire to create - to increase the vibration of our mind. 


If you are interested in tracking your Good Energy In and how increasing it can improve your approach to your life goals (losing weight, getting more sleep, staying healthier), download The Healing Equation Template using the link below. 


And if you’re a woman looking for a group to share your experiences as you work through your own life goals, check out the link to The Healing Equation Private FaceBook Group found on the Endeavor Health & Chiropractic FB page. 


Until Next Week - Take Care,


Dr. Julie