Good Vibes Wednesday!

Good Vibes: When Good Vibes Is About Conserving What You've Got

Posted 4/15/2020

Good Vibes Wednesday: Conserving Your Energy to Heal is Good VibesGood Vibes Wednesday: Conserving Your Energy to Heal is Good VibesWelcome to Good Vibes Wednesday!


I’m reaching for Good Vibes today.


I’m conserving my movements and interactions so that I replenish my Energy to Heal


Yesterday, I was knocked out due to an intense headache that took down my brain and my digestive system.


Today has been about recovery. 


About getting Good Vibes wherever I can find them. 


Today, that meant a little extra sleep, a little extra quiet time, and wearing snuggly clothes.


Today, I went for a walk and stayed in my workout gear, snuggly hat, and scarf all day. 


I could have changed.


I could have given the day better clothes as I was out running a few errands. 


BUT my snuggly walking tights, hat, and scarf kept me warm and gave me the sense of one big hug. 


I also tried to reduce the amount of energy that I used today. 


I did run a few errands, but only the ones that I absolutely needed to. 


Today, I knew I needed to recover the energy I lost trying to support my body yesterday. 


Today, I knew that I really needed to take energy rather than give it. 


Today, I knew it was okay to be selfish because... doesn’t happen very often. 

...I know that the Midwestern girl in me won’t let this happen for long. 

...if I don’t take this time today I’ll pay for it later.

...I can be a better me if I take for just a day. 


Sometimes Good Vibes are about knowing when to hold onto them to increase your Energy to Heal.


Until Next Week - Sending You Good Energy In,


Dr. Julie

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Good Vibes Wednesday: How To Increase The Good Energy In From Your Food

Posted 4/8/2020

Welcome to Good Vibes Wednesday!Good Vibes Wednesday: The Healing Spice RackGood Vibes Wednesday: The Healing Spice Rack


Today we’re talking about the healing power of herbs and spices.


Right now in the middle of a global pandemic we are all looking for extra places to get some additional Good Energy In.


What if you could just add something to your box of Mac N' Cheese?


About a year ago, I created a cookbook of different herb and spice mixes from around the world. 


It was a labor of love.


I love how plants have been and continue to be used to help healing. 


Before I went to Chiropractic school, I read an article about a homeless mother who didn’t have the money to buy antibiotics for her child, so she went to the library and learned what plants could help her. I believed that she started a garden in Minneapolis to provide healing plants to the homeless. 


While I am unable to find the article anymore, I have always been inspired by the idea that food can heal.  


Every culture has herb and spice mixes that they frequently use in their foods to provide flavor, preserve foods, and create their signature dishes. 


Every plant in those mixes has been selected for its flavor, but it also has a unique Energy to Heal that can be used to increase Good Energy In or reduce Stressors


For example, in the Northern Hemisphere mustard seeds were mixed with other plants and spices to create the medicinal action of antibiotics and antifungals. While around the Equator and in the Southern Hemisphere, hot peppers were used in much the same way. 


In The Healing SpiceRack, I found recipes that each culture uses frequently. I also included research on the healing properties of spices or herbs in each of the mixes. 


So if you're looking for way to give your foods a boost during this time of increased Stressors, check out The Healing Spice Rack. 


If you haven’t gotten a copy of The Healing SpiceRack, please click this link and receive your free copy by signing up for my newsletter. 


Sending You Good Energy In,


Dr. Julie

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Good Vibes Wednesday: Dance as Good Energy In

Posted 4/1/2020

Good Vibes Wednesday: Dancing the Good Energy In.Good Vibes Wednesday: Dancing the Good Energy In.

Welcome to Good Vibes Wednesday!


Today we’re talking about dancing.


Did you know that there are movement and dance therapists that help people heal from both physical and emotional injuries?


While most of us think of dance much the way this little bug is thinking about his first ballet class, dance can be anything that moves your body in a rhythmic fashion. 


From a healing perspective, it can be opening and closing (or squeezing) tissues that need space or increased blood flow. 


It can be the holding of a posture while the sorrow or grief drains from your tissues. 


It can be the rapid tapping or stomping of as agitation or nervousness wiggles into the floor. 


It can be the wide sweeping movements of catching the world in your arms and then letting it go.



Regular exercise fills this void, but there is something about allowing the body to move in unstructured ways that helps with healing even more.


Whether you are in a traditional dance class, or are in an interpretative movement class, the encouragement is to move as you see fit, as your body responds to sound. 


In my house right now, I’m FORCED to listen to the Imperial March (Darth Vader or the Stormtrooper’s theme) as I have a budding trombonist in the house. There is something masculine and powerful about that march that makes you want to take a stand in the middle of the kitchen while preparing dinner. 


In contrast, my wee vocalist singing Where the Lost Things Go (from Mary Poppins Returns) moves me to tilt, sway, and open to sorrow and all its possibilities.


There is significant evidence that dance therapy in whatever form improves the mood, balance, memory, blood pressure, stress hormones, sleep, and a whole lot more. 


I found an interesting study out of the University of Physical Education in Poland that showed when you dance, you improve your blood cell counts and blood viscosity or slipperiness. Basically, dancing improves your blood cells, immune system, and decreases your risk of developing a stroke. All good things in my book. 


You can easily start with putting on your favorite tunes and moving your body to the music.  Feel free to invite others into your space - DANCE PARTY!!! Or find some place quiet and alone where you can move as you need when the music moves you.


If you are more interested in programs of dance therapy that you can use at home, you might want to check out Gabrielle Roth’s Sweat Your Prayers or any of her guided dance albums on iTunes (Endless Wave Volume 1 has verbal prompts that walk you through different dance styles designed to move your body through its roles).


I hope that these dance ideas can help you move your body through this icy season. 


Sending You Good Energy In,


Dr. Julie


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Good Vibes Wednesday: How Temperature Change is Good Energy In!

Posted 3/25/2020

Welcome to Good Vibes Wednesday!Good Vibes Wednesday: How Temperature Change is Good Energy InGood Vibes Wednesday: How Temperature Change is Good Energy In


Today, I want to talk about temperature change.


It is a REAL change in vibration!


Those air or water molecules moving faster (warmer) or slower (colder). 


Interestingly, how the body uses temperature depends a lot on how it is applied. 


From my days in undergrad psych, I know that putting your hand in ice water is a Stressor.


Did you know that ice water can also be Good Energy In?


It has everything to do with the Heart Rate and Blood Pressure. 


The Biomedical Sciences and Physiology Department at University of Wolverhampton found that drinking a liquid closer to freezing (or taking peppermint oil (menthol) orally) actually calms the heart and the blood pressure. 


This doesn’t surprise me.


Any mother of a tantrum throwing toddler knows that tossing them outside in the winter has a calming effect on their mood. 


However, we also know that heat is Good Energy In and helps to calm to Stressors


Who doesn’t love snuggling in a blanket at the end of a stressful day?


Endurance athletes and trauma sufferers are wrapped in foil blankets to improve their thermal regulation. 


Just the act of putting a blanket on provides Good Energy In.



A study out of Japan, shows that when nurses blanket patients during a procedure that they are much calmer emotionally.


Likewise, increasing the temperature of the body increases your Good Energy In by increasing the dopamine in the brain. 


A review paper out of Brussels, shows that increasing the temperature of a room causes the body to release dopamine decreasing fatigue during physical activity. 


This is consistent with the trend in hot yoga, hot ballet, or other hot exercise classes designed to improve your fitness by getting past your body and emotional sense of fatigue. 


Next time you're working through Stressors consider a change in temperature. Depending on what you pick, you can calm your heart, your head, or your mind.


If you are interested in using The Healing Equation to increase your Energy to Heal, check out this video introduction


Sending you Good Energy In,


Dr. Julie

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Holding Space for Someone Else Is Good Energy In

Posted 3/18/2020

Good Vibes Wednesday: Holding Space for Others Is Good Energy In for You!Good Vibes Wednesday: Holding Space for Others Is Good Energy In for You!

Welcome to Good Vibes Wednesday!


We are in the midst of a species-wide Stressor right now. How are you getting Good Energy In?


Did you know that holding space for someone else is just as beneficial for you as it is for the person you’re holding space for?


Let me rephrase that: Did you know that if you think about/pray for/set an intention for someone else, you benefit just as much as they do?


We already know that groups of individuals praying or thinking about someone - even if they have never met the person - can raise that person’s frequency. Early studies on prayer groups show that even when the person in question doesn’t know that a group is praying for them, they have improved health or quality of life while they are sick. 


Last year, I listened to an interesting FaceBook live event between Lynne McTaggart and Bruce Lipton; two great minds in the connection between thought and wellness.


Lynne McTaggart has a project called The Power of Eight where she has researched the changes in the brains of people who have held intention for others in a group. The experience of that activity results in altered brain patterns that are consistent with monks or nuns who meditate or pray for hours daily. This occurs even when the group has only been practicing together for a short time. 


The effects of thinking of, holding space, praying for, or setting an intention for another individual takes your mind out of its problems and conversations and puts it toward helping someone else. This act, especially when in a group, raises your mental frequency.


Here’s how you can use this to increase your own Good Vibes:


You can create a small group on Facebook (at your home or work) of close friends where you gather to spend even 30 seconds thinking about someone in the group. 


Just 30 seconds of thinking of someone else and holding space for them throughout the day is a way to improve their day and get you out of your own head. 


Do you have a group that you can do this with? Do you have a few seconds to help someone else?


This is a great source of Good Energy In and a great way to increase your Good Vibes.


If you are interested in using The Healing Equation to increase your Energy to Heal, check out this video introduction


Until Next Week - Take Care,


Dr. Julie

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Good Vibes Through Social Support Increase Your Energy to Heal

Posted 3/11/2020

Social support, even online, is a great way to increase your Good Energy InSocial support, even online, is a great way to increase your Good Energy In

Welcome to Good Vibes Wednesday!

Did you know that social support can improve your ability to heal a cut?


In a very simple study, researchers from the Univ of Illinois-Chicago College of Dentistry looked at how

a cut healed in mice that were part of a colony versus mice that were in social isolation. They found that those in social isolation had cuts that healed 30% slower than those in a colony. 


Being in isolation, decreased production of growth factors necessary to repair the underlying blood vessels and skin cells. 


Conversely, being part of a group, whether it is a family, religious, social, or cultural group that is in person or online, improves your production of growth factors necessary to repair tissues. These social connections increase our Good Energy In improving our Energy to Heal. 


The studies of human wound healing are consistent with those mice studies. Diabetic patients that are part of support groups have wounds that heal faster than those who are not part of support groups. Likewise, individuals that are working on emotional healing from a severe health crisis find that online support improves their ability to start new practices such as gratitude journaling. 


As we move into a time where we need to be isolated for health and safety, it is important to reach out, online or by phone, those we love so that they can increase their Good Energy In and heal faster.  


Until Next Week - Take Care,


Dr. Julie

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How the Timing of Your Activities Can Increase Your Energy to Heal

Posted 2/26/2020

How The Timing of Your Day Can Change Your Energy to Heal Photo by Sonja Langford on UnsplashHow The Timing of Your Day Can Change Your Energy to Heal Photo by Sonja Langford on UnsplashToday we’re talking Timing!


Did you know that 20% of the variability in human performance on tasks can be explained by the time that we do them during the day?


What this means is that your office neighbor may be outdoing you on the production front just because she works on some of her tasks at different times of the day than you.


This concept was articulated by reporter Daniel H Pink in his book When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing


In his book, Pink talks about three stages of energy during the day: Peak, Trough, and Recovery. Choosing the right activities in each stage helps our productivity.


In the Peak (before 2pm for 80% of the population), you are most efficient at focused and attention requiring work. This would include things that you really don’t like to do because they would be considered Stressors and require more Energy.


In the Trough (between 2-4pm for the entire population), you should do more mindless administrative tasks. Think balancing your checkbook, folding clothes, or maybe working on your weekly meal preparations. 


In the Recovery (after 4pm for 80% of the population), you are best at creative tasks. Those that require some focus, but where you are rewarded for thinking outside of the box. This would be a great time to organize brainstorming sessions with you team. Or figure out the best way to solve a complex case. 


Notice that 20% of the population doesn’t have their peaks and recoveries at the same time. For these folks, the recovery and peak are switched. Pink refers to them as Owls - doing their best heads down work in the evenings from 4-12am. This includes people that enjoy the second shift or find the mornings too difficult to handle.


I learned another interesting thing about planning your day. Your brain can help you put tasks at the appropriate time of the day if you give it a chance to work on the project. 


Cheryl Strauss Einhorn, the creator of the AREA decision making method, has found that generating your next day’s to-do list before you leave work lets your brain guide your timing of the list. This way when you return to work in the morning, you can find the most productive or efficient time to complete each task. 


Consider these tidbits as you move into the Spring, trying to make the most out of the increasing daylight hours, or just trying to be more efficient with your time. 


As always, you can use The Healing Equation to help you find the right time of day to work on tasks of all kinds. Just pay attention to how your body and mind respond to tasks at different times of the day.


Until Next Week - Take Care,


Dr. Julie

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Low Tones for Good Energy In

Posted 2/19/2020

Welcome to Good Vibes Wednesday!

Low musical tones for Good VibesLow musical tones for Good Vibes

Certain notes can be healing to the body. They can reverse Stressors. They can improve posture. They can calm the mind. They can improve your golf swing. 


When I was a Chiropractic Intern, I had the wonderful experience of working with an intuitive chiropractor who would put healing ideas together that people only briefly thought about. 


For example, he understood the importance of low tone frequencies on how the body processed neurological information. However, he also wanted to make it easily accessible to people who couldn’t sit around and listen to meditation bowls. 

He contacted a musician friend of his who generated a melody over the top of these lower frequency tones and started to use them therapeutically in his office. 


My favorite case was an older man who was the care provider for his ailing wife. When he started care, he was stooped and in a lot of pain. After listening to The Tones, as we called them, he came in standing tall in his six foot plus frame and having more energy and patience to care for himself as well as his wife. 


Being a former athlete, the chiropractor was always looking for ways to improve athletic prowess. He used The

Tones with runners, golfers, hockey players, and weekend warriors. They all found improvement in their endeavors with the low tone frequencies. 


While I lost track of where this chiropractor’s musical therapy has gone, I have come to see it as just another way to strengthen the body as a whole. Another way to put Good Energy In to the body to increase its Energy to Heal

Since I have started using The Healing Equation, I have sent patients home with Healing Protocols including listening to cello or Tibetan Singing bowls playing a single note for 10 minutes. 


You can try this at home. You can find various videos of Tibetan bowls or cello droning on a single note. You can try a few low notes and see which one feels best in your body. You could listen to that for a few minutes each day and easily increase your Energy to Heal and MAYBE improve your golf swing.


If you're looking for other ways to increase your Good Energy In check out my 5-4-3-To Gut Healing video and email series. Click the link to get your free copy and stay up-to-date with my monthly newsletter. 


Until next week - Take Care,


Dr. Julie

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Good Energy In - On The Cheap...

Posted 1/16/2020

Good Energy In: HoMedics Massage Tool & Foam BallGood Energy In: HoMedics Massage Tool & Foam BallThese two - total cost under $10 - reside on my night table. I keep them handy when I have a muscle twinge or pain during the day.


Today, they are being put to work along my shins. Over the weekend, I doubled my usual walking distance which meant more rolling uphills and downhills. 


If you have any experience with downhill walking or running, you know that shin splints are always a possibility until your calves and shins balance themselves out. 


My $5 Target massage tool is providing Good Vibes up and down my shins. The foam ball - acquire from some child - is squished into tender points along my calves. 


If you’ve been in my office, you know the cardinal rule of self-massage is “If it hurts, rub it.” Pain is an indicator of inflammation and holding or rubbing a point that hurts can dissipate that inflammation and in some cases reset a tightened muscle. In terms of The Healing Equation Template, self-massage is a win-win. You win by working through your body developing awareness and by reducing the inflammation at that point. 


I don’t necessarily need these tools. I spend much of my time in the office working on patients’ trigger points and muscle spasms. These two cheap tools just provide reprieve for my hands.


While the vibration from my massage tool is pretty easy going, not all vibration is good. 


This is the time of year that vibration becomes a bit of a hazard. Snow blowers, leaf blowers (if the snow is light), or long term pounding of icy driveways - all have a pretty strong vibration associated with them. I’m sure that most of you has either personally dealt with the vibration or had family members complain because of the vibration.


Certain tool operate at frequencies that don’t match the human body very well. For example, prolonged use of a sander above your shoulders can actual vibrate your upper back out of alignment. 


Historically, long-term operation of high vibration machinery has lead to carpal tunnel symptoms. My father needed surgery because he spent many years operating chainsaws that didn’t have proper vibration guard on them. 


When you are using small machines that have vibration, it is best to use it over a number of days or weeks to make sure that you don’t vibrate something out of alignment or cause permanent inflammation of a nerve.


If you are looking to add Good Vibes in a way that helps you move toward your health goals, check out the 5-4-3-To Gut Healing on the Home Page.  


Until Next Week - Take Care,


Dr. Julie

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When a Stressor Can Be Good Energy In

Posted 12/12/2019

Welcome to Good Vibes Wednesday!


Last month, I wrote about how the act of writing down your Good Energy In in your Healing Equation Template has similar effect as keeping a gratitude journal. It’s amazing how keeping track of what gives you Good Energy In gives you even more Good Energy In!


Today, I want to turn the tables on you. 


Yes, today is still Good Vibes Wednesday, but I’d like to talk about your Stressors. 


Sometimes Stressors can be Gratefuls in disguise!


You know that old adage: Life presents you with lessons until you learn them.


Well, sometimes you have the same Stressors over and over for a reason. 


You need to learn or grow from the experience.


Let’s consider a physical example - shoulder pain that wakes you in the middle of the night. 


It woke you up last night and the night before. It wasn’t terrible pain; you didn’t need and meds, but you needed to wake up to change positions. 


This Stressor is one that you write in your Healing Equation Template a lot lately; woke up last night due to right shoulder pain - again.


How could you ever be grateful for something that wakes you up and makes you feel less than yourself the next day?


Well, maybe writing this Stressor down means that you start to look at what is going into your body on the days that you experience it. 


Consider this, the past few weeks have been big for random joint pain in the office. Interestingly, many of them have lead back to bountiful tomato harvests. Everyone has been finishing off the good tomatoes before the frost. However, eating the same food every day will feed the gut microbes that really like tomatoes and some of them are not nice - read inflammatory. If you have a Healing Protocol generated in the office, it is possible to reduce those tomato-loving troublemakers. Even without a protocol, you can stay away from tomatoes for a while reducing the troublemakers numbers and allowing you to sleep peacefully. 


Thus, your Stressor of shoulder pain at night becomes a Grateful because it makes you pay attention to your diet. 


What about that person that you have to see all the time that really Stresses you out? Where’s the gratitude there? They’re a ripe kick in the pants most time.


Maybe that person irritates your because they push your boundaries. Maybe they stress you because they have a quality or trait that you actually envy, but can’t admit it to yourself. And of course, maybe they stress you because they are trying to pull you back to who you were rather than who you have become.


Regardless, you can be grateful for them teaching you a lesson. Even if it’s that you need to find a way to gain more patience.


Today’s Good Vibes Wednesday has really been about how you view things. I don’t want the Stressors portion of your Template to be clear everyday, but maybe once a month you look at your persistent Stressors and try to figure out how they might be trying to help you.


Tough stuff today, but in being Grateful for Life’s Lessons you can shift your Energy to Heal to a new level. You can find an amazing personal discovery by learning the lesson or by identifying what you want to become. 


Until Next Week - Take Care,


Dr Julie

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Solar Flares & Your Body's Response

Posted 12/1/2019

Welcome to Good Vibes Wednesdays!


Did you wake up early in October 26th? Did you feel anxious about nothing or everything at the same time? Did you find your heart rate, blood pressure or hot flashes were coming fast and furious? 

Or were you inspired? Insightful? Acutely aware and creative?


If you experienced any of these, you weren’t alone. 


On Monday, October 21 our Sun flashed us her Northern Hemisphere Coronal hole and let off a whole bunch of solar wind. Who knew the Sun was so rude? 


What does a solar flare on Monday have to do with how you felt the following Thursday morning through Sunday?


Well, it takes approximately three days for solar winds to reach Earth. With a solar flare, those winds are more intense and change the Earth’s geomagnetic field. Since the Earth’s geomagnetic field passes through us all the time, it should not be surprising that we can sense these changes. 


When those winds hit the planet, our bodies show alterations in our cardiovascular and nervous systems, and psychological, physiological, and cultural responses. Studies have shown increased acute heart events during and just after solar flares. Physiologically, our heart rate decreases its variability meaning that our heart rates stay high rather than change based on our activity level. Our blood thickens and actually slows down which requires our blood pressure to increase. 


Solar flares also affect the firing of our nervous system speeding our responses and triggering psychological changes like agitation and anxiety and physiological changes like altered waking times and head pressure. 


Together these two systems account for many of the increased admission to hospitals just before and five days after solar events. 


Essentially, solar flares put our bodies into fight or flight state. This shows up culturally and socially. Car accidents increase during solar flares. Social unrest has been correlated with times of increased solar activity. 


Well, those are the downsides of solar flares. Studies have shown that these effects are more significant for those experiencing illness or distress. However, for those healthy enough to bear these changes, solar flares can be a time of insight, creativity, and increased awareness. After all, the geomagnetic field is Energy. Depending on how strong your cells are, you could use it as Good Energy In.  


So, while we know that a solar flare make brilliant Northern lights, there are significant downsides and possible upsides of their arrival. 


In my office, I suggest that sensitive patients follow any number of solar weather tracking sites. My favorite is in the comments below. I also encourage people to tap around their ears for 30s multiple times a day to help relieve the head pressure symptoms.


If do have a chronic condition, please increase your Good Energy In, actively reduce your Stressors and any activity that would increase your heart rate or blood pressure, and pay attention to your physical symptoms during and after the solar flare. 


Until Next Week - Take Care,


Dr. Julie

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Art and Creation for Good Energy In!

Posted 11/21/2019

Welcome to Good Vibes Wednesday!


In Spain, there is a hand stencil that is 37,000 years old. It’s a statement of being, a graffiti signature. It’s is no different from the hand and footprint cards that we’ve done or received from our children or child relatives over the years. 


The fact that something so simple as a handprint marks a point in the humans’ Cognitive Revolution should be no surprise if you think of The Healing Equation: Energy to Heal = Good Energy In - Stressors. 


The act of creation stirs the mind. It takes normal patterns of everyday life and puts them on their head. How else would three pieces of LEGO become a horse carrying the creator away to a desert (or dessert) island?


As children, creation was easy. We did it to fill the space between our first task and our next. It didn’t have to make sense. It didn’t have to be pretty. It didn’t have to have a goal. Children know this instinctively. 


It challenges world views, of how things go together, of how the world works. 




As adults many of us lose our ability to create. We hear thoughts in our head like:


“You can’t make money at that”


“That’s just a waste of your time and talents”


“Find something useful to do”




The Cognitive Revolution was started with a handprint on a cave wall. 


That can’t be an accident. 


Art or creation must be part of Good Energy In. In attempting to construct a world inconsistent with the one that we see, we stretch and evolve our brains. 


Art or creation are exercises for your cognitive muscles, ways to increase your own Good Vibrations. Try creating something, whether it’s a new variant on an old recipe (one of my favorites), coloring in a coloring book, taking an art or music class - this will increase your Good Energy In and help increase your Energy to Heal.


Viewing or admiring art is also a wonderful way to increase your Good Energy In. Visiting art museums and local galleries are provocative ways to turn our own thinking on its head. Even if it’s to say, “Why is THAT here?” 


While creating or having Masters-level paintings on our walls is not easy, try hanging something from local artists - even as local as your own house. That little bit of Good Energy In is a reminder of our innate desire to create - to increase the vibration of our mind. 


If you are interested in tracking your Good Energy In and how increasing it can improve your approach to your life goals (losing weight, getting more sleep, staying healthier), download The Healing Equation Template using the link below. 


And if you’re a woman looking for a group to share your experiences as you work through your own life goals, check out the link to The Healing Equation Private FaceBook Group found on the Endeavor Health & Chiropractic FB page. 


Until Next Week - Take Care,


Dr. Julie

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Using Light to Increase Your Good Energy In

Posted 11/13/2019

Welcome to Good Vibes Wednesday!


It's time for Good Energy In!


Do you have a room in your house that you just don't like to visit? Do you stash things away there to be 'organized' in the future?


Do you have more than one room in your house that feels this way? Do you avoid it at your own peril, especially if it's a male child's room?


What's going on there? Does it contain some sort of bad juju? Do you need to put duck tape around the door and seal it off from the rest of the world?


I recently had a patient that was having a hard time getting through her household organizing. In fact, she confessed that she was looking for excuses to go outside and play with her kids instead.


After a few well directed questions, I found out that she really only enjoyed being in two rooms of her house. That makes it pretty difficult for a family to function. 


I can relate. Our house is a Northeast facing walkout. I can’t grow plants very well. And I definitely don’t like hanging out in basement even though it has an entire wall of regular-sized windows and a patio door. 


Essentially, my patient was feeling the tug of seasonal affective disorder. Since the Autumnal Equinox, the shorter hours of sunlight were making the rooms of house darker and less inviting. Being outside was her last chance to produce the necessary Vitamin D going into the winter. 


Here’s where Good Vibes come into play. 

There are three ways that you can make those rooms in your house more appealing. 

Quick and Cheap: Walmart sells full spectrum light bulbs ranging from $4-20. For $16, she could move four full spectrum light bulbs into each room as she went through it to clean and organize. 

Intermediate and a Cool Concept: When my youngest was at the ‘hippy daycare’, the owner would turn on a full spectrum grow light box (NON-LED) during the winter months. It was located in the darkest room of the center and would help with the kids' immune systems and mood making the place even cooler than it already was. These days grow lights are all LED in blues and reds, but you can get a cheap full spectrum light box for approximately $35. You should make sure that your light box does not produce any UV light.

Expensive and brief treatments that last the whole day: The last options are red light therapy or infrared or near-infrared saunas. When your SAD starts to take over the whole house, it might be time to use something with a little more oomph. These provide treatments that you could do three times a week or more that would help sustain your energy and emotional function during the winter months. It is possible to get a single near infrared light bulb for about $30, but a full sauna usually runs around $1000. Likewise, red light therapy can come in a travel form for $300 or in a full therapy form for $6000.


If you’re looking for a little bit of Good Energy In to help with your Energy to Heal during the winter months or just to clean up a back bedroom, check out these options and see which one works best for you. 


Remember that you can easily track your Energy to Heal by using The Healing Equation template in the comments section. NOW with an additional How To video attached in the email. Sign up today! 

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Sing, Sing a Song!

Posted 11/7/2019

Welcome to Good Vibes Wednesday.

It's time for Good Energy In!

Last week I let you in on the secret that writing down your Good Energy In in your Healing Template was also another source of Good Energy In. How's that for an activity that costs you nothing and improves your health a little bit every day?

Today, I want to look at a Good Vibe that is terribly important for the weather that we're having in the Midwest right now: Wet and Damp.

For those of us in the area, you'll notice that the North facing sidewalks are starting to turn green. Some places in the Iowa Corridor had 10 more inches of rain than normal in the last month.

You can imagine that in addition to all the moss, there is a lot of fungus that is thriving in the area. It is getting into homes, workspaces, and into people's lungs. 

Many people are coming into the office with chronic coughs that are not going away within the typically 2-4 weeks. In the EHC October Newsletter, I discuss foods that you could use to help increase the Good Energy In your lungs. 

Today, I'd like to talk about something even easier to do: SINGING. 

Singing, regardless of how well you do it, increases your breathing capacity, improves your cardiovascular function, and increases your neurotransmitters and hormones like oxytocin (cooperative), IgA (immune system), and endorphins (feel good). (Check out the reference). 

You can double your Good Energy In by singing in a group which provides social support, community, and bumps up your neurotransmitter and hormone production.

All together, this increases your Good Energy In and your ability to fight off immune challenges by improving your Energy to Heal. 

If you'd like to improve your Energy to Heal (or Lose Weight, Sleep Better, Exercise Stronger, etc) without feeling restricted or tied down even if that's the way everyone else does it, then download The Healing Equation Template located in the green bar of this website.

Look for more information in my weekly Facebook Live segments, and watch for an upcoming "How To" video on how to use the template to its fullest. 

Until Friday - Take Care,

Dr. Julie

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The Importance of Journaling

Posted 10/30/2019

Welcome to the First Good Vibes Wednesday!

Last week I shared on FaceBook Live Friday that I was going to start a new segment that looks at evidence-based ways to get Good Energy In. Today is our first post on this topic. 

If you're already following along on the FaceBook Live posts (and subsequent EHC YouTube Channel updates), you'll know that I am working on an experiment to lose weight using the The Healing Equation: Energy to Heal (Lose Weight) = Good Energy In - Stressors. While in the Live posts I have looked at hidden Stressors, here I would like to look at the other side of the equation...Good Energy In.

In The Healing Equation Template, there is a section for Good Energy In. With patients, I have been talking about writing things in there like your exercise, snuggles with kids/partner, coffee with friends, getting flowers to put on your dining room table, following your protocol, stepping outside to take a breath of fresh autumn air, etc. These are all great sources of Good Energy In (and they're free, except for the coffee and flowers if you buy them). 

Here's the kicker -- Did you know that the act of keeping track of your Good Energy In is actually another source of Good Energy In?

Writing down your Good Energy In is actually a short hand way of doing a Gratitude Journal. The mere act of recalling those Good Energy In events returns your mind and nervous system back to the state your were in when you had the experiences. This improves your emotional well-being (Look in the comments section for the article link).

If you're looking to change something about your health in a new way, check out The Healing Template and keep up to date on Good Vibe Wednesdays and FaceBook Live Fridays. Join me on this cool journey!


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The Healing Equation

Posted 1/29/2019

Welcome to Endeavor Health and Chiropractic (EHC), where you can find what is right for you. I’m Dr. Julie Potter and in this blog, I will introduce to you what I do in the office. I help people searching for energy find their personal protocols to health. We all have a neighbor who went on Cleanse X, or tried Supplement Y and gained energy, lost weight, improved their memory, etc. Unfortunately for some, there was no change, or they felt worse than before they started. Using a unique combination of gentle chiropractic, Morphogenic Field Technique, and nutritional healing, I try to help patients improve their cellular health.

I utilized a very simple equation in my office: Energy to Heal = Good Energy In - Stressors. What is good energy for you? Dr. Bob Rakowski came up with a great list called the Magnificent Seven: Eat right, drink right, poop right, sleep right, move right, think right, and speak right. These are seven things that we should do for good health. But not all of them are clear cut. Remember the neighbor? At EHC, patients that opt for gentle chiropractic get good energy in for muscular, skeletal and nervous system health which directly and indirectly impacts movement, digestion, and sleep. Morphogenic Field Technique and nutritional healing help patients identify foods, herbs and spices, and supplements tuned to their body to provide good energy in for sleep, digestion, movement, and brain fog.

Stressors are best described by a longtime patient of mine who saw how this equation impacted his health. He was building a house, owned a couple of businesses, had a growing family and several foods that irritated his digestive system. He could see how stressors worked in multiple time frames (one day, one week, one month, six months, etc.) and from multiple sources (dietary, work, family, physical, emotional). At any one time in a month, he could see how house building stress, seasonal work stress, physical stress, family stress, and food choices impacted his health. As the stressors in a day increased, his health would decrease and vice versa. 

Energy to heal is what we want. The more energy you have leftover at the end of the day, the better you will feel the next. We can take that positive energy leftover and use it to repair the scars of stressors that have accumulated during life. However, if we are deficient in energy at day’s end, then stressors can build up and move throughout the body. Think about how a cold can transition into walking pneumonia – you don’t rest properly and do too much while you are sick then your upper respiratory infection moves into your lungs. 

In the year to come, I will blog about variables that can impact each part of this equation. Stay tuned to see if there is something that can help you. On the EHC Facebook and Twitter pages, I will post different tidbits that are working in the office to get good energy in. I post them as things you can try but remember much like the neighbor not all of them may work for you.  

 If you are local and interested in finding what is right for you, please check out the scheduling page located on the EHC website. If you are not local, pay attention to the EHC Facebook page for announcements about a Balancing Energy group starting in the next three months.  

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